Treasures from the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica

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19. Johann Tauler, Sermonen und Historia. Leipzig, Conrad Kachelofen, 1498

First edition, not only of any of Tauler’s own mystical work, but also of that of his philosophical predecessor and possible teacher Meister Eckhart (ca.1260-1327), whose work was frequently subsumed under the name of Tauler (ca.1300-1361). It is an understandable attribution, since Tauler adopted Eckhart’s teachings, especially that of the ‘Fünklein’, the divine spark in the soul, which is God. Suso, Eckhart and Tauler are the three foremost German mystics, with Tauler the most widely read amongst them. Eckhart uses elements of pseudo-Dionysius’s mystical theology, particularly the `via negativa’, understanding God through negation, since God is beyond definitions.
Contemporary Augsburg binding.